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    We are the ONES

    We are the ones to change the world. You don't have to be a braniac, you just have to explore and work hard. The craziest idea can improve the Earth. It just takes one step at a time. Mia Jemison didn't go into space as the first African-American by doing nothing. She proved to the world that girls, no matter the race, height, we can do anything.




    Inspiring change

    Channel Island University brought girls from different schools together to inspire them and expose them to STEAM. They had us design this website with the assistance of a great mentor. This program helped get girls out of their comfort zone and learn how to empower the world with GIRL POWER.

    Some Motivation From Inspirational Women

    Inspirational video for all the young girl who think you cant do something (^ _^)


  • Project Ideas by Jasmine Escobedo

    Jasmine's Experiments. Try it!

    Egg drop

    A classic science experiment that ties both science and engineering together.

    The first step is picking your supplies. Some good ones are paper, tape, straws, pipe cleaners, and small plastic bags. The next step would be to think of ideas. Drawing them out is a good plan. After you know what to do, it is time to construct. Testing your contraption and making adjustments comes next. When you have finished your contraption, test it once more, but with the egg loaded in.

    Good luck!


    An easy experiment that is plenty of fun.

    This is an experiment I did in the 5th grade. The supplies given were 4 paper cups, clear wrapping paper, 10 straws, and only 1 foot of duct tape. The first step was to design ideas. My team used the 4 cups and taped them together to make them float and water proof. The 10 straws were wrapped in the wrapping paper, making them into a flat surface. We taped the now wrapped straws to the 2 pairs of taped cups. We then tested the boat. The guidelines were as follows. The boat had to float and carry at least 10 pennies for the minimum of 5 seconds. Our boat turned out to be unsinkable and was able to carry more pennies than our instructors brought.

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    Extra info. and team Steam: inspiring change

    The Team

    We are part of the Inspire Her Mind STEAM Hackathon CSUCI.

    Mentor: Susan Andrzejewski

    (Left to Right)

    Azul Castillo

    Lizbeth Martinez

    Jasmine Escobedo

    Alondra Rojas

    Inspire Her Mind !

    This is a short video showing how important it is to inspire girls and allow them to pursue a career in the STEAM fields.

    Girls can do anything they put their mind on.

    We too are the future.

    Creativity can be made with just a pencil and paper